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We work with companies big and small, creating custom and out-of-the box solutions that integrate into your operations. 

Increase your productivity & profitability. Improve insight to make better decisions. Enhance overall performance.


field service

Field technicians need to be on the road for your business to stay profitable (not in the office). Our mobile solutions help you take sales orders, repair broken equipment, inspect, track, and complete compliance, access records, locate inventory, and print accurate receipts—all in real time in the field.

building maintenance

Operate accurately, minimize overtime, and control your inventory. We help you track maintenance activities, lower work order expenses, and eliminate paper-based orders. Raise profits and make eco-friendly business decisions.  

route accounting

Keep your fleet organized! By combining mobile terminals and mobile printers with custom software, you can manage routes, customers, pricing groups, payment methods, discounts, and orders. Print invoices, and view order history in real-time.  Send load adjustments, reduce paperwork, prevent double-entry errors, track truck inventory, capture electronic signatures, display promos, manage multiple price scenarios, send data to dispatch, and provide onsite product delivery proof. Then reconcile your route at the end of each day.  

mobile solutions

Gain field advantage with point-of-activity communication to dispatch, support, and head office. Create and display work orders, and confirm tasks. Report in real-time. Manage inventory and billing. View equipment measurements, counter readings, and repair history. Lower operation costs by tracking in real-time, eliminating paper-based processes, and double-entry errors. Mobile solutions remove tedious tasks, so you can focus on customer service, and business expansion. 

security services & inspections

Modern, feature-rich solutions for security operations. With automated dispatch, you can control schedules, inspections, service times, exceptions, and balance workloads. Access field data, work orders, history, tests, and lists for fire and health & safety. Intuitive screens, signatures and RFID. Automatic transaction time and date stamps for audit trail accuracy. 


Simplify your warehouse management. From raw materials to shipping finished goods out, our solutions help increase manufacturing and distribution efficiency for both products and staff. Improve pick & pack operations with automated order updates. Provide plant floor managers with real-time access to all data—no matter where they are located. Control fleet operations with automatic order reconciliation—as vehicles enter the yard.


Combining hardware, software and other support services into one simple, predictable monthly payment. Hardware as a Service makes it easier and more affordable to keep up-to-date with the latest technology on the market and ensure that it is stable, secure and available when needed.


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