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SD-WAN, cloud servers, better bundles, carrier and network bills, SOTI, CaaS, and Enterprise Mobility Management. We can help!

Managing your tech stuff

One-person IT squads are great right up until Sue gets the flu, goes on vacation, or quits! Let us set you up with a 24/7 onshore team that can handle any dilemma. Devices, printers, networks—that thing on that table with the flashing lights—get some professional help and some peace of mind.

Or maybe you’ve got a good team but you want them to be better? Remove some of the mundane tasks from their desk and let them focus on future strategy.


Enterprise mobility management software. Safe, secure, and scaleable.

Don't ignore SD-WAN

BigTelCo says, “Your system isn’t slow… you just need to buy more bandwidth…” NO! Stop adding water to a leaking bucket. The technologies around SD-WAN are making applications sing and dance where they used to plod. It’s not a rip-and-replace of existing gear you’ve already bought—keep your switches and your firewalls if you want them. Put SD-WAN in place to make a big difference!

Get control of your carrier and network bills.

Wonder what you’re paying for? Wonder if it’s worth it? Get control of that! Save time and money with the right services. Scantrak will do a cost-free analysis and let you know how to make things better. We also get you a dashboard and reports to so you see things in a way that’s useful to you.

Managing your mobile stuff

You’ve got a lot to keep track of in the office. Then your field technicians add all their devices to the equation. How do you manage what these devices do and how they interact with your network? With Scantrak’s Enterprise Mobility ManagementWe work with all major mobile carriers.  We provide multiple carrier plans for when you need Verizon out east, AT&T out west, and Bell or Rogers up North. We can also help get your devices out there in the first place: Procurement (including leasing), Staging, Delivering—we’ve got that covered.

There’s an easier way to keep track of carrier bills. And there’s an easier way to get devices in the field.

IT security

Today, security is essential. 

Servers in the cloud

Cloud Servers (private, public, or hybrid), Cloud Storage, and Cloud Backup. Get rid of those old clunkers grinding away in a closet. Dust things off and put ’em in the cloud where they can soar. Or if you’ve got a pretty spiffy room for things but need a little help managing your servers, we can help there too.

Need a better bundle?

Let us know if your license is up for renewal or need a new one altogether. We can get you better rates and double down on the service and help. Interested in making your desktops virtual so you can turn them on and off in minutes? Need Microsoft Teams for the inside staff? No problem.

UCaaS and CCaaS or any other CaaS

Get your meetings humming, your call centers zinging, and everyone talking on their phones at the same time while 5 people watch You Tube on the sly.

Improvements are happening faster than the speed of sound for unified communications, hosted call centers, and how people communicate on the phone and in meeting rooms. Don’t buy more old phone lines! Let us future-proof your operations and speed things up while saving you money at the same time.

If you have a Vision We will help you to turn it into reality


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