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field service isn’t all puppies and sunny days

For 25 years ScanTrak has supported your field workers with rugged Mobile Solutions that stand up.

Why we are great at what we do


We’ve been kicking at this can since 1996. We’ve worked with the widest selection of the best mobile products since the birth of handheld devices. We’ll make your workforce more effective—dare we say nimble

2. leaders with a loyal following

We’re the kings of the mobile workforce castle. Selling and integrating thousands of phones and devices throughout North America and Europe, we bring value via mobilization. Your staff will make better decisions with the right information at their fingertips when they need it. As for our support… well, our clients don’t stick around for nothin’.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

3. because frills are for dresses

Mobile technology changes. Companies big and small jump on bandwagons and push what’s trending whether you need it or not. Not us! We look at your needs and equip your team with a unique mobile solution that’s both custom and affordable.

We know this bag.  End of story.

Our Work

We track the direction of data collection. We’re the first to test new products to see if they’re worth their salt. We build custom mobile solutions to increase your insight and your end-of-quarter results. Proven software. Seamless integration. 

scantrak is a proud partner with today’s leading manufacturers

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our support

When field productivity goes up, so does your margin.


Step 1: Put premier products in the field that perform at their peak without downtime.

Step 2: Make sure your field team knows how to use those products.

Process Review
An in-depth look at your business process is the first step to designing and improving enterprise efficiency.
We design unique systems—We have it down to a sharp science! Custom software developed and delivered on time, on budget, every time.
One Point of Contact
From concept to production, your Project Manager will provide a clear action plan and status reports. You’ll always know who is accountable, and your project will be handled with organized professionalism.
Your solution will be installed, configured, and tested to meet your standards and exceed expectations.
To get the most from a custom mobile data collection solution, your field team needs to know how the system works! We provide training courses and documentation based on your specific needs.
Ongoing Support
As simple as that. We are here for you—and we have been for decades.

boost productivy across your entire enterprise

No two businesses are alike, but all businesses want to increase profits. Our custom mobile workforce solutions do just that. Please contact us to find out how we can solve literally all of your IT problems.


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